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Mannequin Body Parts

Choosing a customized mannequin lets your store change the head of the mannequin or position its limbs. Some of these custom mannequin full-body poses you canít alter, but their permanent pose offers a dramatic flair for your shop. Whether jutting a hip out or standing with flared hands, each of these options lets your boutique create exciting displays that can help sell your clothes.

When we say that you can create a mannequin, we mean that you choose a custom mannequin head that you can remove and reattach. Some mannequin heads have no makeup, while others have on full makeup. When you can change the heads, you extend the usefulness of the mannequin because you can showcase the clothing on the mannequin with the makeup looks of the season.

Purchasing a mannequin with changeable heads saves you money since you only need to purchase the various heads after purchasing the main body. Check out our body parts selection to peruse our head choices for these mannequins.

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Female Brazilian Mannequin Matte Black Headless Changeable Heads - Hands on Hips Female Brazilian Mannequin Matte Black Headless - Open Box Sale
Price: $351.68
Sale Price: $145.00
savings $206.68!
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