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Realistic mannequins bring your displays to life and help customers experience your products as closely as possible to real life. With a variety of different details from hand painted facial features, makeup, poses, builds and skin tones, your sure to find the perfect mannequin that alines with your target customer. Used by the most exclusive boutiques and department stores, our Zing Display realistic mannequins are sure to catch attention and add lifelike sophistication to your displays.

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Ariel Male Mannequin Ariel Male Mannequin
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One of the most popular retail mannequin options, abstract mannequins and egghead mannequins offer an ambiguous image that easily appeals to any sector of your customer base. Available in a variety of soft subtle facial features or smooth round heads, these mannequins are sure to make your displays pop without distraction. With a variety of colors, poses and features, Zing Display is sure to have the perfect abstract mannequin or egghead mannequin for your retail display needs.