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Headless Male Mannequins in Active and Stationary Positions

Zing Display offers one of the largest collections of mannequins available online. This collection contains several headless male mannequins with different finishes, including white, black, glossy black, matte black and metallic gold. You'll like that you can get both action mannequins and ones that are in traditional poses. Active male mannequins are typically posed as playing basketball, throwing a shot put or break-dancing, which makes them seem more lifelike and better reflects the activities that many of your customers, especially younger men, do on a daily basis.
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White Headless Plastic Male Mannequin White Headless Plastic Male Mannequin
Price: $265.05
Sale Price: $221.50
savings $43.55!
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A headless mannequin torso is perfect for storefronts that want to best display their inventory in the best possible light, because these mannequins can prominently display your latest items. And when you choose a mannequin with no head, you're putting greater focus on the clothing that you're displaying too, because your customers' eyes will automatically focus on the pants, shirt and shoes. Plus, they can more easily imagine themselves wearing the clothing.