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Full-Body Abstract Male Mannequins

When you're looking for a way to entice your customers into trying on and buying some of your latest fashions, you might be interested to learn about the plastic male mannequin collection that's available with Zing Display, one of the largest retailers of mannequins online. Whether you're interested in a mannequin that has a beige color that could be a skin tone or one with a white finish, you'll find plenty of options. You could also get a metallic silver or gold mannequin, and we also have mannequins in bold colors like red, black, yellow and blue.
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Male Mannequin made of Unbreakable Plastic in Glossy White. Very durable and excellent for high-traffic areas or trade shows. Unbreakable Glossy White Male Mannequin Arms at Sides
Price: $265.05
Sale Price: $221.50
savings $43.55!
Glossy White Male Fiberglass Mannequin Glossy White Male Fiberglass Mannequin
Price: $311.00
Sale Price: $245.00
savings $66.00!
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Some types of clothing, such as suits and casual wear, are best displayed with a slim-build male mannequin. But you might like a full-body athletic mannequin if you're more interested in displaying clothing that's perfect for bodybuilders and other gym-goers.

We also have abstract mannequins doing everyday activities that reflect contemporary lifestyles. You can find mannequins performing actions such as holding and looking at cell phones, walking, hiking, jogging, sitting and biking. You can even find mannequins that are poseable, which gives you lots of freedom in designing a display that accurately reflects the activities of your store and the types of customers you're trying to reach.