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Bendable Male Mannequins in Various Positions

When you want a bendable mannequin, check out Zing Display, which has one of the largest collections of mannequins online. Bendable male mannequins are a great alternative to rigid mannequins, as they give you more options when it comes to stylization and can fit with the mood you're trying to create for your customers. Flexible mannequins come in many types of finishes, including matte black, glossy white and many other options.

You'll also like the range of materials that an articulated male mannequin can be made with. Some mannequins come with wooden arms and fiberglass torsos. You can also get a life-size male dummy with a foam body that's fully posable. This option is great when you need your dummy to do very specific poses or fit into tight spaces, such as behind the wheel of a display car. Some mannequins have metal joints, which give a level of flexibility while still ensuring that your pose will stay put. Some of these mannequins also come with a stand so that you can even do poses that would be unstable otherwise.
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