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Dress forms are usually used in fashion design and actual clothing construction.  The are solid forms and made to withstand heavy use.  Under Dress form construction allow for pinning of cloth and tape.. They come in multiple sizes and measurements. There are a bunch of different kinds of dress forms, so we'll briefly cover the two most common ones: sewing forms and display forms.

A sewing form typically has:

  • Collapsible shoulders to help when fitting tighter garments
  • A heavy-duty build made of material with thick padding covered in linen or muslin
  • A foot pedal to adjust the height
  • A shape that's close to being atomically correct
  • The ability to be adjusted to accommodate different proportions

Display form is different from a sewing form in a few important ways. While you can pin to it, these forms usually have a lot less padding, unlike Dress Forms the height is usually not as adjustable and the proportions tend to be designed to display clothing.  Display forms and Dress forms all have specific uses and can make either designing or displaying your fashion items easier to sell. Zing Display sell all kinds of Display Forms and all the standard Male Dress forms and Female Dress Forms.